He also made me the blade a wedge to 5 iron with the same shaft but 80 grams. The main difference was that we agreed upon a shorter shaft — Peter Thank you very much for being so interested in golf club performance that you decided to read one of my books! Is there a planned Iron test for ? It’s a great head, very forgiving and fits a wide variety of golfers. Also many choices for loft and face angle.

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Thus a clubmaker would have to invest in a totally separate machine to be able to bend my drivers and fwy woods and hybrids. Mark F November 2, By the way, I already removed the medallion on the sole to check if perhaps the previous owner had drilled through it and added weight there. Good time for the consumer to be wiwhon. A follow up to clarify: Wishn then on we did an intensive fitting session with various combinations of graphite shafts and heads.

Thank you very much for your interest. Thanks again for your support! I know you would like to save some money and I do so much appreciate your interest in what we do such that you were attracted to this offer of the used THI driver.


Wishon 919THI Review (Long)

It is 11 degrees and reg shaft. So for us, when we deliver the woshon to a clubmaker with a different loft, we do that by hand select measuring the loft in the correct SOLED position in our gauges. Tom, my driver head has a rattle. I still have pretty good swing speed, at least that is what my younger partners say! Unfortunately this was a custom made wrench, made only for wihon sole screw of this CLC driver head.

Tom Wishon Golf thi Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 2 reviews –

Guys who loved Adams drivers from previous generations may find themselves nostalgic for the good old days. I did this so if you want to remove a tungsten weight, you at least have a chance to do so by heating the area of the outside of the head adjacent to the weight bore to loosen the epoxy holding the weight in the bore. So many times a longer length can actually cause a golfer to unhinge his release too soon. Overall all it was a solid wizhon showing for yom club that would otherwise be a custom-only build.

I want as light overall weight as possibility.

Tom Wishon THI Titanium Driver | Custom Fit Golf

Especially the driver which is by its very nature the hardest club to hit consistently well. I would say the 3 wood gave me ish max with wide dispersion. New for will be a new all black line of hybrids to be called Rail System and a new family of wedges to be called 919tih Micro Pro.


Bettinardi Queen Bee 7. And all without doing any damage whatsoever to the head!

Tom Wishon Golf 919thi Drivers

I do ground my driver at address. I can hit it over the entire face and get almost the same distance as a center hit. I’m a certified club ho just like everyone else but I refuse to get rid of my THI.

Than you Tom for your expertise and quick response. Before performance even becomes a consideration, looks are what draw you to a club, but sound and feel are what keep you there. Dave S 6 years ago.

Was previously using a TM driver with specified loft of 9. If you look at the field as a whole, most of the drivers have more in common than not.

Hi Tom, The secret is finally out!

You can count me among them. Is something still in the works?